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Change patterns that don’t work for you – like Guilt, shame, confusion.  Leave the blame game and put control in it’s rightful place.  Create the life you want – this is what self-love is.

This program teaches you how to love, respect and honour yourself- and through that, you naturally learn how to love and respect others.  Self-mastery is the key.

We are deeply affected by our human experience, mass consciousness and our ancestry. How do you find your way when you are confused, lacking a sense of purpose and motivation?  The old ways don’t work – but it’s difficult to move beyond those old ways due to unconscious loyalty and rigid beliefs.

This program will help you to lovingly shed layers that are keeping you stuck and keeping you from living up to your potential.  

This is structured, private one-on-one work involving an energy component and deep inquiry.

Here is a description of the program. –  by component 

1. The Unity Bubble – the beginning

The first step. It is your permanent energetic space designed to support only positive frequencies. It shows you what in you is out of alignment The Unity Bubble offers immediate clearing and protection from external lower frequency interferences and will dissolve any dysfunctional pattern surrendered to it.

2. The Flow – protocol 1

This goes deeper into subconscious or unconscious resistances. With the first transmission of the bubble, it was necessary to make a specific decision yourself, to allow and encourage free will. With the Flow, it is your agreement to make the choice to stop resisting, letting anything go that is not in your alignment. It puts your being-ness into motion. The Flow offers a way to address subconscious and/or unconscious resistances; the super-glue which binds us to deleterious programming.

3. Breaking the Bonds – protocol 2

As the program develops, familial, societal and cultural habits and/or patterns are diffused on a deeper level. This transmission helps to loosen the restrictions which have kept many from accepting abundance and moving forward (feeling stuck). ie: “stiff upper lip”, “soldier on” “____ is so hard” “It’s going to be ___” “I am a ___” Breaking the Bonds deals with restrictions created unconsciously by family, society and culture. It breaks the ties that bind, limit and create feelings of unworthiness; preventing us from achieving our goals.

4. In the Garden – protocol 3

This fourth one is to create a personal resting place internally- available at any time when time out and personal sanctuary is needed. Your Sacred Garden provides an internal place to absorb, embody, balance, integrate and prepare for the next steps. A place to retreat to from the “noise” of the world.

5. The Open Heart – protocol 4

Often, we hear “It’s better to give than to receive” or about how wonderful someone is that they would “give the shirt off their back”. This can lead to an imbalance of the heart. This transmission addresses the balance of giving and receiving. Deeper aspects of control and vulnerability are balanced. The receiving side of the heart (the back) is sometimes depleted or closed and the flow of love is incomplete or disconnected from self. The Open Heart explores the balance between giving and receiving and proper boundaries are explored.

6. Anti-angst – protocol 5

Angst is a spiritual condition described as a constant struggle about the burdens of life and has been said to be incurable. We look on it as not knowing what your role is here on earth – why did you agree to come here in the first place? The Anti-Angst completes the education of the human self and moves you into life of a higher order. Live your life from an entirely new perspective with harm to none, and profound love for all. You are inseparably connected to all of YOU. Clarity and understanding are gained to the questions, “Why am I here” and “What is my purpose?”

7. Into Service – protocol 6

Be part of something bigger. Put your new self out into the world to help others and be a positive force for change. Into Service is about your presence in the world, being part of something greater and joining the positive global and cosmic changes we are now witnessing and which we all yearn for. How you do that will be something you access within yourself at this stage. No matter what you do in the world – it is how you do it and your intentions behind what you do, say and think that matter. We are all powerful creators when our ego is put in right relationship to our soul essence.

8. Effortless Living – protocol 7

Effortless living is the reward for all the work accomplished. Any fragments or remnants of dysfunctional patterns which have, up until now lain hidden, are brought into focus and can be lovingly released. Go forth in your full power and true essence and enjoy all the experiences you imagined may be possible. What a wonderful world it will be! This transmission consolidates and grounds all the previous work ensuring the way is open and free of obstruction for effortless manifestation.

I recommend this program be completed between 4 – 8 months for optimal benefits depending on your individual pace – for those that have been doing personal work for a long time, the accelerated 16-week program is best.

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